How to Upload Video to CannaBuzz

If you're trying to Upload Video to CannaBuzz and your video has become stuck or has not finished uploading, please follow the below steps to fix the issue.
Close CannaBuzz by force-quitting the app and restarting the app fresh, then create the video post again.

How to Post a Video

After Pressing Post, please do the following:

  1. Keep CannaBuzz app open while uploading the video - this may take 2-3 minutes depending on the size of the video.
  2. Don't switch between the CannaBuzz app & other apps while uploading AND don't let your phone go to Sleep. If this happens, it breaks the upload process and you'll likely need to restart the App again and try again.
  3. You will know the Video has posted when a new post appears on your profile with a Video Processing message.
  4. You can also post videos through our website on your phone or via your computer @

If the app is still stuck in a uploading process after you've restarted CannaBuzz, you may want to try reinstalling CannaBuzz to help give you a fresh install.

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